European Cup 2020 – Sweden vs Slovakia

European Cup Sweden vs Slovakia

European Cup group stage (Group E): Sweden vs Slovakia
Competition time: 2021 6-18 9.00pm



1. In the last match, we drew a draw with the powerful Spain, and morale was improved to a certain extent.

2. The recent performance has been outstanding and has been unbeaten for 6 consecutive games.

3. The forward Isak, who plays for Real Sociedad, has scored 17 goals in 30 games in La Liga this season, which is the offensive point the team relies on.

4. Three times in the past 10 years, Slovakia has achieved an unbeaten record of 2 wins and 1 tie, and only conceded 1 goal in 3 games.

5. In the game against Spain, goalkeeper Olsen played bravely, staged a wonderful performance and 5 key saves. Central defender Lindelof (Lindelof) won the best player of the game.



1. Kulusevski and other three players were absent from the game and the lineup was damaged.




1. In the first round, he beat Poland upset and scored 3 points, and his competitive form remained good.

2. With Inter Milan’s iron guard Skriniar (Skriniar) in charge, the back defense is guaranteed.

3. The overall state of play is relatively stable, with an unbeaten rate of 80% in the last 10 games.

4. The other two core cores, Hamsik and Kucka, performed well in the last round. Hamsik sent an assist and Kucka got a high score.



1. History and Sweden have not won a single victory in their nearly 3 clashes at a disadvantage.

2. Not good at dealing with wing attacks easily give the opponent a chance to get a corner kick.

3. The level of off-site combat is limited, with only 2 wins in nearly 10 away games.


Asian Handicap: Sweden 0.5

European compensation: 1.84 3.37 4.75

Over/under: 2.075 2 balls/2 balls and a half 1.825

Recommendation: Sweden

Predicted score: 1 to 0, 2 to 1

Number of goals: 1 to 3 goals