[UEFA Champions League] Liverpool wins Atletico Madrid


[UEFA Champions League] Salah Doubles Kill, Liverpool wins Atletico Madrid

UEFA Champions League matchup – Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool! Atletico Madrid and Liverpool scored 4 goals in 34 minutes before the first half, and Liverpool defeated Atletico Madrid 3-2. The Reds won the Champions League 3 consecutive victories and accumulated 9 points to lead the other teams.

The third round of the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League Group B began today. With Salah scored twice and staged nine consecutive cuts, Keita contributed a goal. The Premier League giants “Red Army” Liverpool scored 3 to 2 away and finally only Atletico Madrid was left. Fighting for the La Liga champions “Sheet Legion” Madrid Athletic Club.

The home team’s French forward Griezmann scored 2 goals and was sent off early in the second half, making the one-man Reds the last laugh. Liverpool led Group B with three consecutive victories, and Atletico Madrid will be ranked second with 5 points behind.

In another match in the same group, Portugal’s powerhouse Porto beat Serie A giants “Rose Rosso” AC Milan 1-0, and ranked third with 4 points from 3 battles. Milan swallowed the bottom of the 3-game losing streak.

The guest Reds took the lead in the 8th minute. Robertson made a pass from the left. Salah dribbled the ball from a distance and hit the edge of the penalty area after 3 people. The ball was blocked and deflected into the net, 1-0. He became the first player in Liverpool’s history to score 9 consecutive games.

The Reds made another victory in the 13th minute. Arnold made a diagonal pass and was relieved by Felipe. Keita volleyed into the net outside the edge of the penalty area, 2-0.

Griezmann scored twice

The home team pulled back a city in the 20th minute. Lemar’s bottom line was wiped into the penalty area and an inverted triangle pass. Cork, who was on the penalty area line, made a vigorous attack. Griezmann made a successful push in front of the goal. The VAR review confirmed that there was no overshoot. , The goal is effective, 1 to 2!

Atletico Madrid tied the ball in the 34th minute, Felix flashed Keita inside to cut the ball, Griezmann hopped the ball into the penalty area, he fell to the ground and shoveled through Allison’s gate for the first time, 2 to 2.

The turning point of the game appeared in the 52nd minute, when Griezmann kicked his left foot in the back of Firmino’s neck and was sent off by the red card. Griezmann is the first player in the history of the Champions League to score 2 goals and be sent off.

Salah took a 12-yard free throw and scored twice.

Liverpool made a lore in the 78th minute. Hermoso knocked down Jota and fouled in the penalty area. The referee pointed for 12 yards. Salah took a penalty shot in the lower left corner and locked the score at 3-2.

Salah scored 9 consecutive games, he set a record in Liverpool’s team history. This season, the Pharaoh’s status is overwhelming. He scored 12 goals in 11 appearances for Liverpool.

In another match in the same group, Porto broke the deadlock in the 65th minute at home. Taremi, who fell to the edge of the penalty area, stopped the ball and Dias, who followed up, shot into the lower right corner. Since then, AC Milan was unable to regain lost ground, and the 3-game losing streak was on the verge of elimination.

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