[Europa] PSG’s two goals in stoppage time won 2:1 to make Atlan into the top 4


[UEFA Europa League] PSG’s two goals in stoppage time won 2:1 to make Atlan into the top 4

Last update date: 2020-08-13 08:51

In the 1999 UEFA Europa League final, Manchester United scored two goals in stoppage time to defeat Bayern Munich, raising the trophy to become the "Triple Crown" and becoming a classic Europa League campaign.

Twenty-one years later, Paris Saint-Germain’s Europa League played in the quarter-finals, and history repeated itself at the last moment. Under desperate circumstances, they defeated Atalanta by 2:1 and took the lead in the Europa League quarterfinals.

Ligue 1 class tyrant Paris Saint-Germain met the strongest firepower Atalanta, and two teams that had never raised the Europa League trophy met in the quarterfinals. After the elimination rounds, everything can happen, and with the injury of one of the main players of PSG, Mai Babie, Atlan is striving to continue the magical journey.

After the top 8 Europa League members gathered in Lisbon, Portugal, Atalanta and Paris Saint-Germain reopened the lead for the Europa League. The injured McBaby took the lead in the reserve. The PSG front line continued to be led by Nima, the Brazilian The star has a golden chance in the early stages of the game, but it is a pity that he will face the goalkeeper single-handedly.

Mcbaby is ahead of the reserve, Nima continues to lead the frontcourt. (Getty Images)

Atalanta, known for its offensive power, began to attack in time, and Atalanta’s Xia Di Baoya returned the goal without success. In the middle of the first half, Mario Pasalic’s left foot shot in the penalty area to kill PSG goalkeeper Navas, and Atlanta opened the record in 26 minutes.

Atalanta’s Bai Shali shot for the team’s first record. (Getty Images)

PSG tried their best to counterattack but failed. In the second half 15 minutes, he replaced the injured McBaby. After the replacement, the French winger made a lot of threats and buried the goal. Unfortunately, he also failed to help the team to tie. PSG, who has been eager to achieve good results in the Europa League, did not give up easily, and finally achieved results in the final stage of the battle. Nima crossed the penalty area to Marquenus to make a contribution.

Marquenus scored a close shot in front of goal and scored a tie for PSG in 90 minutes. (Getty Images)

Paris Saint-Germain chased after the victory, McBabbi made a left-handed pass, and the reserve substitute Zupmoting scored a lead goal. In 3 minutes, PSG defeated Atlant 2:1. Big, becoming the first team to reach the top 4 of the UEFA Europa League, will compete with the winners of RB Leipzig and the Madrid Athletic Association for the final seat.

PSG broke the unfavorable track record of the Serie A team, reversed the defeat of Atalanta, and after the 1994/95 season, broke into the final 4 of the Europa League after 25 years, and tied the best record in the history of the club.

Zupmo Ting, who was in reserve, became the hero who won the wave and scored a lore at the last moment. (Getty Images)