[EPL] Liverpool pave the way for the opening of the stadium in October


[EPL] Liverpool pave the way for the opening of the stadium in October, losing 3 million pounds at home each time

Last updated: August 13, 2020 08:55
Sai Chi 8 novel coronavirus pneumonia was affected by the new crown pneumonia this season. It stopped for 3 months, and finally closed the door in the form of the semi-finals. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in July that the stadium could be opened for fans to watch from October. In preparation for the opening of Anfield Road, Liverpool recently sent out a questionnaire to investigate fans’ admission habits, hoping to formulate relevant measures to meet the re opening criteria.
Johnson made a speech last month on the gradual slowing down of the epidemic prevention directive, in which he said fans would be allowed to watch from October. The Liverpool Echo recently revealed that Liverpool are conducting a questionnaire survey to prepare for the opening of Anfield Road again.
As a matter of fact, Liverpool contacted the local fans’ organizations in June to talk about reopening the stadium for fans. The main purpose of this questionnaire survey is to collect data from which we can learn about the habit of “Red Army” fans entering the stadium, so as to ensure that Yan Fei Lu meets all safety standards.
Liverpool conducted a questionnaire survey to reopen Anfield Road. (Getty Images)
Liverpool fans gathered outside Yanfei road to celebrate:
The Premier League was suspended from March to June, and the income of 20 teams on the same day of the match became zero, and there was also a lack of tickets and other related revenue on match days when the Premier League was reopened. Take Liverpool as an example. After the second round, the “Red Army” will lose 3 million pounds every time they play at Yanfei road. Even if the stadium can be reopened in October, the British media believe that the team’s income will still be greatly affected this year.
It is pointed out that after the resumption of the game, Liverpool lost 3 million pounds per home game. (Getty Images)
Although the British government has given a “green light” to reopen the stadium for spectators, it has not mentioned any relevant safety and epidemic prevention guidelines. In a statement, Liverpool said it would follow the guidelines of the government, the Premier League and the relevant safety and health authorities. “These guidelines may be changed, which will also affect how Liverpool reopen Yanfei road.”.
However, there are still about 1000 confirmed cases in the UK every day. It is still a question mark whether fans can “return” to the stadium as scheduled in October.