Covid-19 confirmed that the team was diagnosed with the cancellation of the competition


Covid-19 confirmed that the team was diagnosed with the cancellation of the competition, the 25 Champions League team.

Last update date: 17:16, August 12, 2020
Many foreign competitions have been restarted one after another, and J League has cancelled the competition for the third time due to the infection of professional players since it reopened on the 4th of last month. The novel coronavirus pneumonia commander Kim Ming Hui confirmed yesterday (11) that the new crown pneumonia was announced. The Japanese duty announced that the event scheduled for 7 o’clock tonight was cancelled.
Meanwhile novel coronavirus pneumonia reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported by the French team Top14 Stade Francais, which has confirmed that many of the team had been infected with the new crown pneumonia virus, but no number of people had been announced. The 25 teams of French Football League members were infected with the new crown pneumonia.
A total of 89 professional players of the team need to be tested and self quarantined after the 39 year old bird habitat sandstone coach Kim Ming Hui was diagnosed yesterday. According to Japanese media reports, nine professional players of the team were infected. It was also reported that several professional players who had contact with him were tested as “positive” or “very likely to be positive”. There is no official infection number of the team for the time being.
Kim Ming Fai felt unwell 4 days ago and was confirmed to be infected after testing in the hospital. He is now receiving treatment in the hospital. Three family members tested negative. (J League)
Coach Jin began to feel unwell on the 8th and had a fever the next day. Although the fever had subsided to 36.4 degrees, he felt tired and felt that the hospital in Saga county made an examination and the virus test was positive.
Nikko announced this afternoon (12) that the UFA cup on the same night would be cancelled. It is the third competition forced to be cancelled due to epidemic disease after the resumption of the tournament, following the J1 match between Hiroshima and Nagoya whales on July 26 and the J2 match between the palace and Fukuoka on August 2.
The Japanese occupation was reopened last month. Players need to keep a social distance before the game. (birdsong Facebook)
25 people infected after training camp for 14 French champions
In addition, the top 14 of the French rugby league will start the season in the first week of September. The French stadium team was originally scheduled to play Bordeaux Begles in the opening game on September 4. It is reported that the team contracted the virus after completing the pre-season training camp in nice.
The club said in a statement that the team carried out a comprehensive test on October 10. Although some anti epidemic measures have been taken before, the current situation of the team has “deteriorated” from the test results. In order to ensure that no more risks will be added, the team has to suspend all training, and all players and staff should be isolated until at least 17 days to wait for the next test. The statement did not disclose the number of people infected, but a total of 25 people were positive for the virus, according to the L’Equipe.
It is said that the team was infected with the virus after finishing pre-season training camp in nice. (GettyImages)
France stadium team has won the “Top 14” League Championship for 14 times, and won the European Challenge Cup in 2016 / 2017 football season. Last season, France finished 14th in the League after the French government cancelled all local competitions. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it is the first time that so many people have been infected in the French professional sports association, which has cast a shadow on the “Top 14” League in the new season.
The epidemic situation in France is as severe as that in many European countries. At present, the number of confirmed cases of the new championship has exceeded 200000, and the death toll has exceeded 30000. It is doubtful whether the new season of the league can start smoothly.
France has won the League 14 times. (GettyImages)
The club held activities in July and many people didn’t wear masks. (screenshot of instgram)