Barcelona confirmed that a player has been diagnosed


Barcelona confirmed that a player has been diagnosed, but has not had contact with a player from the Europa League

Last updated: 18:53, August 12, 2020


A novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by Theron, who had received symptoms of self retaining. Barcelona, who is in the last eight of the European League, said the player had not contacted any of the players who participated in the European Union and the army would fly to Lisbon, Portugal as planned.


After Barcelona finished in La Liga, Barcelona kept on preparing for the next season’s match. Nine new players or loaned players were arranged to open exercises. The 9 players were tested for virus nucleic acid on Tuesday (11th) afternoon local time, and one of them was finally confirmed as confirmed.


Barcelona’s season is not over and players have been arranged to prepare for the next season. (Getty Images)


The 9 players are chacao, bertley, mafios Fernandez, tudibo, mushavagu, CALIS Alanna, lafina, ijendana, sangmiranda and Ollie orbskis. Except for chacao and bertley, most of the players returned to the team after borrowing. New recruit mafio Fernandez reported on July 1.


9-person combat team:


The European Union army of Barcelona will leave for Lisbon as planned. (Getty Images)


Barcelona did not provide the name of the confirmed player. He only revealed that the player was asymptomatic and had been quarantined at home. He did not contact the European Union players who were preparing to leave for Lisbon. The players will go to Portugal as planned.


Barcelona fought Bayern Munich in the last eight of the European League. (Getty Images)


Novel coronavirus pneumonia will be affected by the 8 Theron strong European Union champion, who will be changed from the two player system of the host and the guest to the middle position in the Bayern Munich, Munich, and will be held in the Portuguese capital of the city of Lisbon.